Welcome to Fire & Salt

Fire & Salt is the vision of local Chef and Proprietor, Alex Gass. Opening in Oak Ridge, in October 2022, Fire & Salt will be serving reimagined East Tennessee favorites with a menu based around locally soured seasonal ingredients. Open for lunch and dinner, they hope to share their philosophy that food is joy and create a place where people want to enjoy good food and good company.

Chef Alex Gass

Meet Chef Alex Gass

I was raised in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and food has always been a big part of my life. Some of my best memories as a child were helping my Mother, Grandmother, and Aunt prepare food for hundreds within our church. My Uncle Jim taught me the art of smoking meats. I starting as a young boy working on a grass-fed organic farm and have now, years later, also been responsible for creating some of the most expensive plates in the region. I have been honored to be able to excel through the trade of food preparation and sourcing.

Our mission at Fire & Salt is to serve reimagined traditional East Tennessee dishes using locally
sourced ingredients to support our local farmers, positively impact the environment, and ensure we serve the best food to our guests. Our heirloom recipes connect each guest’s memories and experiences to the food representing our history and defining our legacy to the next generation.


We stand by the philosophy that real food, sourced from our own community, does more than nourish our bodies with the very best ingredients. Food is joy, and heirloom recipes remind us of the people and places we love. Food and good company feed our soul by connecting us around a table for storytelling and making new memories and traditions. 

Food has become a way to honor those that I have lost, to be creative, and to connect with
people. As a traveling Chef, I was able to blend my love of food and music by catering for bands like Widespread Panic, Van Halen, and Elton John. Working in restaurants, as an Executive Chef, I’ve had the opportunity to work with local farmers and reinvent some of my favorite meals with fresh ingredients that always make me think of home. To me, food is joy. I am honored to share that with you as the Founding Chef of Fire & Salt

Fire & Salt Logos

Below you will find all of the variations of the Fire & Salt brand including a solid white and solid black version. Please do not make any alterations to our logo. If these files do not fit your needs you can reach out to us via email at connect@thefireandsalt.com